Starting left: Andescha Jafar (Iraqi Airways), Angelika Franke (LOG), Felix Groh (LOG)

Corona protection for children in refugee camps in Kurdistan


On Monday, Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help (LOG) sent over 8000 face masks to protect against Corona with a special flight from Iraqi Airways from Frankfurt to Erbil.

The masks are urgently needed in refugee camps, where several thousand families from Syria are housed and especially the children have no protection against corona. Intermedica GmbH in Klein-Winternheim helped with the procurement of the masks, combined with a generous donation.

The distribution to the refugees is supported by Nehad Qoja, the former Mayor of Erbil and the Barzani Charity Foundation. The masks are primarily delivered to the “Hanke” refugee camp near Dohuk and the “Bab Alhaba” refugee camp. Refugees from Syria are mostly accommodated in both camps.

The transport was made possible by state owned airline Iraqi Airways. Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help has so far carried out numerous transports to Erbil and will continue these relief measures in the short term. This requires further financial support.

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