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Damages in the Ahr River Valley

Truck close to the firefighters building in Sinzig

Current projects

Flood victims can count on joint aid by US and German international NGOs

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e. V. and the International Medical Corps bring early recovery construction equipment to the Ahr River valley and city of Solingen – Sinzig Fire Department and will manage reuse of equipment between households and public buildings.

 The joint assistance for the flood victims in Western Germany continues by the Germany NGO Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e.V. (LOG) from Frankfurt am Main and their partner International Medical Corps from LosAngeles, USA: This week, several hundred electrical tools, pumps, power generators,high-pressure cleaners, construction dryers (dehumidifiers), hammer drills, electric chisels, universal saws, drill screwdrivers etc., are reaching the floods affected areas around the towns of Sinzig, Bad Bodendorf and Solingen.

Sinzig Volunteer Fire Department will manage reuse of equipment and tools between floods affected households and public buildings in Sinzig and Bad Bodendorf while Lord Mayor’s office in Solingen will do this for flood victims in Solingen area.  

“Our action thus has a sustainable effect of reuse and can benefit multiple families and public premises. Items will remain available through the Fire department to help additional people, including those in other regions as well.", says Frank Franke, President of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e. V., Frankfurt am Main.

“This s an act of solidarity with German people affected by terrible natural disaster. International Medical Corps recalls humanitarian assistance provided after Hurricane Katrina caused devastating damages for the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas in Louisiana, USA in 2005. I am
very proud we were able to act together with our partner LOG very quickly, mobilize resources with support from German and US businesses and our funding sources. It enabled us in reaching flood victims within hours from the disaster and to continuously contribute to efforts by German Government and civil society organizations.“, says IMC's Emergency Response Team Leader in Western Europe, Marin Tomas. Joined assistance will be around 300 tons of delivered supplies and equipment with currently mobilized assistance valued at around EUR 1 million.

Refugees on their way to a new future

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help and the International Medical Corps support Afghan evacuees in the transit camp Ramstein/Pfalz, Germany

Begin of September Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help and the International Medical Corps from the United States supported Afghan refugees at the Ramstein transit camp in the Western Palatinate. "Volunteers group "Helping Hands for Evacuees" helping refugees in Ramstein Air Base had been supported with delivery of 11,664 liter of mineral water and toys for children. In Ramstein, thousands of Afghan refugees are waiting for their onward journey to a better future. On September 3 alone, some 15,000 refugees were waiting to continue their journey. Since the current Afghan crisis began, more than 100 transport planes have brought refugees to Ramstein, who a few days later flew on to other countries, primarily the United States. During their stay at Ramstein, two babies were born. A baby girl was also born on a flight from Kabul. She was given the name "Reach." It was the call sign of one of the large four-engine C 17 transports that handle the airlift between Afghanistan and Europe. "It is a symbol on a new beginning."

Current News

Wings of help in action

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